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By joining the listServ you will receive emails regarding reunion updates, anything NT related as well as the ability to reconnect with other NT chums via email. Now that the reunion has past, any listServ member can post announcement emails to the group. Once you are on the listServ we will provide the password for the log-in below. We recommend using a personal email as opposed to your business email account when you join the listServ.

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The following alumni have joined the New Trier Class of 1986 listServ

Elaine (Abercrombie) Kalmes

Jon Abt

Aaron Adilman

Kathy (Andersen) Stoller

Dawn (Angelini) Woods

David Angres

Michael Applegate

Rafi Arbel

George Atkinson

Jeff Barth

David Bear

Kathy (Bechtold) Brodjian

Scott Becker

Candice (Bergsten) Kelley

Debbie (Berke) Wilner

Audrey Berns

Liz Beshel

Karen (Bisgeier) Zucker

Tricia Blackwell

Kerry (Blom) Stinchcomb

Larry Bloom

Bill Bogot

Earl Bowers

Gayle Brandeis

Rachel (Bristol) Arend

Erin Brown

Lance Bruere

Mark Buchmann

Andrea (Bueschel) Conklin

John Campbell

Liz (Churchwell) Kunkle

Karyn (Clark) Marks

Anne (Coggin) Gray

Gabrielle Cohen

Dennis Cohn

Lester Cohn

Tom Coladarci

Anne (Dalton) Ruh

Mary (DeVries) Caffrey

Derek Dobrin

Laurie (Donnell) Schacht

Molly Emanuel

Carolyn Fargo

Edward Farnham

Bill Fink

Jean Fischer

Billy Fitzgerald

Todd Fowler

John Freedman

Gretchen (Freydl) Jeanes

Amy Garvey

Scott Gehrs

Julie (Gelfond) Silver

Cynthia Gill

David Glatt

Jacqueline Goldin

David Goldstein

David Gollob

Becky (Goodman) Kendall

Tom Grey

Chris Gross

Carrie (Gustavson) Turner

Kelly (Hanlon) Kullick

Neil Hansen

Lynne Havertine

Gary Hirshel

Mary Ann (Holzl) Hollocker

Linda Horwitz

Colleen (Howard) Quenan

Louise Hunter

Sally Jacobs

Susan (James) Karnuth

Andy Kaplan

Brian Keogh

Joel Kaminsky

Howie Kantoff

Matthew Kaplan

Mollie (Karger) Rattner

Laura (Kaulfuss) Hutchinson

Laurie Kimmel

Robyn (Kipnis) Robertson

Richard Klein

David Kunath

Claire Lane

Jean E. Lee

Jean Y. Lee

Steve Lerman

Howard Levin

Scott Levin

Pat Levins

Elliot Liebson

Bill Lindich

Craig Lissner

Dina Luke

Mary (Maguire) McNamara

Julie (Maher) Reid

Laura (Marks) Gallagher

Bill Mc Crea

Linda (McGrew) Perkins

Jeanine (McNicol) Moran

Julie (Milbratz) Bender

John Miller

Heather (Mills) Nash

Bonnie Minkus

Ildi Morris

Robert Moskow

John Murphy

Kim (Nam) Shampine

Scott Nemerovski

Christina Nicholson

Scott Nixon

Paul Pagett

Elizabeth Perlmuter

Julie Perlow-Greene

Bret Petkus

Dave Plante

David Price

Elizabeth Ramaker

Christina Ranvik

Lauren Rein

Stephanie (Roberts) Winfrey

Craig Rockey

Whitney (Rolison) Schorr

Jory (Rozner) Shure

Melissa Rubin

Alan Rubenstein

Andy Rubenstein

Mark Rubin

Julie-Annabel (Schaaf) Bailey

Steve Schaefer

Howard Scharf

Tim Schnack

Bettina Schneider

Benjamin Shakman

Brian P. Smith

Peter Smith

Jeff Sodikoff

Dan Snyder

Robert Soudan

Gavin Stokes

Valerie (Stone) Dorian

Peter Sullivan

Andy Suth

Victor Swerdlove

Earl Tuckman

Peter Ufland

Carrie (Urban) Murray

Jeffrey Veltman

Susan (Venturini) Marchi

William Wagner

Scott Walker

Jay Wasserman

Roxanne (Watt) Head

Chris Werth

Wendy (Westerhold) Cayer

David Whittingham

Katie (Wilson) Hill

Susan Wobbekind

Mark Wold

Adam Wolff

Keith Yamada

Roger Zidowsky
1968 -2008

Other New Trier Classes
Class of 85

Valerie Chalcraft


Morris Barefield

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